What are Preceptors?

Preceptors mentor students to help ensure that each student is prepared to enter the profession. Preceptors and students are paired within the clinical environments where the preceptors are employed.

  • The preceptor provides opportunities to learn with gradually diminishing supervision. Several studies have demonstrated benefits of using preceptors to develop competency and problem-solving abilities in students.
  • Preceptors can be professional nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, nurse educators, or other health care practitioners.
  • The College of Nursing needs anywhere from 100 to 200 preceptors a semester.
  • Preceptors assist in the clinical education of UF nursing students. Preceptors’ practices include private offices, clinics, county departments of health, home healthcare, hospitals, and agencies such as homeless shelters.
  • They stretch from as far south as Miami to even some places in Georgia, depending on where the students complete their clinical experiences.